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Is Burress Media Attention Too Much?

Posted by Todd Kramer on December 4, 2008

Are the media overdoing it in the Burress situation?
Are the media overdoing it in the Burress situation?

Before I start this post, let me say I do not condone bringing a gun to any club, in any city, in any situation.  And Plaxico Burress‘ embarrassing accidental shooting last Friday night certainly deserves widespread attention, and I have no problems with Burress being suspended for the rest of the season, but there are problems I’ve seen with how the media have handled the coverage of the Burress situation.

Some of you may know that Giants second year receiver Steve Smith was robbed at gunpoint early last week, before the incident.  Or some may not, because it hardly got any media coverage.  Smith was approached by a gunman as he was entering his gated community and was forced to give the assailant everything he had.  Burress knew this, and while yes, it’s stupid to carry $5,000 in cash and wear expensive jewelry when going out, maybe the media should at least consider that Burress had been carrying the gun for protection.

I’m going to end on that note before I continue down a slippery slope, but to me the media attention given to Burress, and how he has been portrayed since the incident, has been too narrow-minded.  At least give the Smith incident some attention, because when you don’t, it just looks like all you are out to do is make athletes look like the bad guys.


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